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Fire and safety Engineering course has huge demand in the job market in is in fact catching up with the index of Industrial  growth.An assessment of the industrial and Government demand put therequirement more than 25000 saftey manpower in India every year.This stage is similer to the advent of the computer revolution happened 12 years back in the job market.These are important reasons which fire and safety became more attractive and challenging career.All of a suddent safety became very important because of the government rules proposed and implemented for making safety norms are strict and mandatory in all establishments.the recent adoption of constructional safety act by the parliament has also made appointment of safety officers compulsory at all construction sites.As a result flood gate of opportunities are opening up in india today it is in fact a highly paid job field.The salaries are in the range of Rs 10000-14000/- per month for fresher’ varies from company to is a job with high status with job security.A safety Employee is a highly respected person in his organization.The salary and experience in any career greatly depend on the demand and supply of a manpower .There is a huge shortage of trained hands in this  field.The boom in construction industry leads this demand in job market with statutory safety rules and norms.An acute shortage of trained hand in construction safety is widening gap between demand and supply.that is the reason it possibly for many reputed organization to develop the required trained and skilled manpower for the demand

Scope in abroad

In abroad,safety is an integral part of most of the programmes.Gulf is the biggest fire prone area in the world because of the largest storage of Oil.Undoubtedly the highest budget of fire prevention and fire protection spent in the world is in the gulf.They prevent fire by increasing the safety setup.That translates it into lakhs of job opening in this field of safety,as safety engineers,safety offices,safety supervisors & Safety Assistant,Safety Marshal,EHS Executive etc.