NCFSE Fire and Safety Management Pvt. Ltd

Message from Managing Director

Fire service is one of the most essential services of an organized society. Fire defines the essence of life, yet it causes nearly 7000000 deaths every year, in our country it is approximately 700000. The national average of availability of trained manpower for fire fighting and disaster management in our country scores a dismal low.

With the increasing industrialization and growing dependence on electricity, manmade fire is creating havoc for safety management experts. There lies a big gap in requirement of professionals needed for fire safety and disaster management and the available manpower. Beside the head count gap there is quantum technological advancement in the methods of fire safety and its prevention.

NCFSE has been working in this field. It has trained and placed more than thousands of professionals till now.

We are totally committed to provide excellent training for fire engineers and they will be trained in a wide range of skills related to firefighting, safety measures and other key areas for the oil & gas industries and for civil defense, aviation and transport etc

We wish you all best of luck and prosperous career with us